About us

IBS links, networks, and coordinates internal and external knowledge in pursuit of our research activities.

Links with various fields

In today's society, it is not always possible to solve problems from the vantage of a single specialized field. IBS employs researchers specializing in such fields as urban problems, transport, economy, environment, linguistic information processing, and computer science. These researchers work together in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner.

Network with people

IBS is actively involved in the building of a network consisting of organizations and researchers attached to universities, research institutes and companies. Wide-ranging research is conducted in cooperation with the members of this network in order to come up with objective and truly effective results.

Basic theory, applied research and data bank functions

With the aim being to respond to essential social needs, IBS's research activities range over a wide area from applied fields to the formulation of basic theory. We also strive to enhance the efficacy of our research by continuously augmenting our intellectual stock in the form of basic data banks and software banks.


When conducting our research activities, we put together project teams consisting of people with different fields of expertise depending on the topic. Cooperation between the planning, research and systems research departments enables us to display the whole range of our abilities.

“IBS Fellowship”-activities for the public good-

The “IBS Fellowship” system is intended to contribute to the public good by providing financial assistance with the implementation of specific research activities. Its prime aim being to contribute to the progress in scientific research, the “IBS Fellowship” is available to any individual or organization whose application meets with approval. “Planner's Eye” is a public forum on the theme of planning which is open to participation by representatives of industry, administration, academia, and private individuals.