The aims of IBS

The Institute of Behavioral Sciences (IBS) is a comprehensive nonprofit research organization whose aim is to contribute public welfare in areas falling within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Agency and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. All its activities are conducted with the interest accruing from fund investments, donations and commissioned research and survey costs.

IBS is an organization consisting of specialists from a wide range of academic fields including the natural sciences, engineering, the social sciences, and the cultural sciences; its aim is to synthesize these various branches of knowledge. Such synthesis enables us to conduct surveys and research, make proposals, provide information services, and encourage research which can contribute to the formulation of official policy related to the various problems facing modern society.

To this end our activities involve information gathering, basic research in many different fields of specialization, technological development, and autonomous research activities. In our function as a comprehensive survey and research body working to commission, we also undertake research and consulting activities on the basis of commissions received from the national government, government agencies, public bodies, public corporations and private companies. The results of IBS' activities are applied in the formulation of policy decisions, planning formulation and corporate business strategy in connection with administration and management, economic planning, diplomacy, and the solution of regional and urban problems.