Message from the President

Dr. Takayuki KISHII

Institute of Behavioral Sciences, a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, was established in July 1964, the year of the last Olympic Games in Tokyo. As it is often called "IBS" for short, some of you may think it is the official name for the organization. At that time, large scale computers were under development in Japan, and IBS was founded as a research institute for application of such computers. Subsequently, we explored research and analysis of issues in urban and transportation fields using the various survey results of transportation behavior we have conducted. Currently, our work encompasses broad areas with the purposes of resolving various issues in society through contracting research projects by national government, local government, incorporated administrative agency, private companies, etc.

Also, we have plenty of opportunities collaborating with national research institutions, universities, and other research organizations in planning and providing lectures, trainings, presentations of research results, etc. under the themes of Person Trip Survey, Mobility Management, etc. These non-profit activities are one of our missions as well.

Initially, IBS was conducting research mainly on the use of large scale computers. It was a cutting-edge technology development, and a challenge for pioneering the coming generations. Then, after 50 years, the recent developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been remarkable, and the society is at the stage to realize the state-of-the-art computer systems. I feel the strong drift of the industrial revolution (ICT revolution) driving the society to change. I am excited that the cutting-edge system is actually implemented in real world.

Yet, we believe that the society is not something to be changed, but rather we would "change."

Things change constantly in society. In the middle of various trends, we aim at serving as a pilot, and building solid channels for forthcoming changes. We should not forget our initial spirits of "trying the most advanced challenges of the time" and "always focusing on the future." We will actively explore activities in various areas while collaborating with colleagues in the field.

We keep trying to "go one step ahead of the society." I appreciate your continuous cooperation and support in the work of IBS.

July, 2018
Dr. Takayuki KISHII
President, the Institute of Behavioral Sciences (IBS)