The topics tackled by IBS

IBS is involved in comprehensive research and survey activities primarily in connection with problems affecting urban and regional society. These activities embrace a wide range of fields including urban planning, transport, economic matters, and the environment.
We also involve in research and applications of computerized econometric methodology related to analysis, forecast, effectiveness, and evaluation. The research topics of IBS are as follows:

  • Surveys, analysis, planning, and formulation of proposals and policy in connection with the national land, regions, cities, districts, and urban facilities;
  • Research into transport problems relating to urban behavior including person trips and distribution of goods, and the formulation of comprehensive urban transport plans;
  • Research into the creation of city environments involving urban activities and events;
  • Social and economic analysis, surveys, and the formulation of plans and policy in connection with transport policy and improvements in social capital, etc.;
  • Surveys, analysis, model creation, and the formulation of comprehensive plans bearing on the urban and regional environment;
  • Basic and applied research into natural language processing, automatic translation, multimodal dialogue systems, and development of dictionaries;
  • Development, production, and presentation of support information systems, presentation systems, and data bases relating to urban transport and regional improvement;
  • Development of high-level systems relating to computer science;
  • International comparisons, exchange, and joint research in connection with the above topics.